Body controls kills pain

Who we are

Wim DriesenWim Driesen

  • Qualified physiotherapist, practising privately since 1987
  • DO - BVO Osteopathy  1992
  • Manual therapist in "manual orthopedic medicine" 1999
  • Certificate in treatment of  Verti go, 2005
  • Former physiotherapist forAsse-Lennik volleyball league
  • Teacher on "Body Contro l Kills Pain" programme





Lars DenayerLars Denayer

  • Respiratory kiné: ELTGOL technique : There are many respiratory indications for physiotherapy, including COPD, bronchitis, pneumonias, atelectases, bronchiectasias ... < em> The ELTGOL technique is one of the few evidence-based physiotherapy techniques for respiratory diseases. The objectives are to eliminate the obstruction, improve ventilation and encourage the patient to physical activity.
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization: With the help of these tools one can, via a act on the soft tissues (muscle / tendon / ligamentary tissue and the surrounding fascia) in a specific and systematic way. Various studies confirm the positive effect of the IASTM technique on the Range of Motion, tissue repair, collagen synthesis and remodeling, stiffness, and on the duration of the rehabilitation process in both a patient and an athlete population.
  • Medical training therapy (sports kinase therapy)